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Welcome to the Official Website for the Georgia Jurisdiction of the National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers, Inc. (NIULPE).  

The National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers is an incorporated, third-party licensing agency that acts on a national level to establish standards for firemen and water-tenders, engineers, operators, examiners, instructors, and the licensing agencies currently existing. In addition, NIULPE will accredit courses taught in Power Engineering Technology which meet minimum requirements and will commission those instructors of power technology and those instructors teaching courses in support of power technology who meet the requirements established by this Institute.

Registration is purely voluntary on the part of licensing agencies, etc. It is, however, the only formal structure through which a person in power engineering may establish a level of national competence and international professional recognition.

Certification is the Key for Career Improvement

The health and safety of many people depend upon the proper operation and functioning of engineering equipment.  By obtaining and maintaining NIULPE certification, a power engineer can effectively demonstrate his or her worth and stability in the job marketplace by having clearly established a certified level of competency.

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The number of licensing agencies has grown to include 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all territories and protectorates.